Pointers,  Whelped 7-24-17

​Grandparents are Champion Westfall's Black Ice and sire is Champion Shadow's Full Throttle. Currently I have 1 male available. The puppies have had quail and pigeons and have also been introduced to a backing dog and barrel work. They have been shot over with a 22 crimp and 410, have been on stake out chains and have had basic yard training. They have been collar condition for come, who and kennel.  These pups have been well socialized with humans, other dogs, tractor, lawn equipment etc. Current prices are $2,750 and will go up as training continues. Prices for these dogs in the fall will start at $3,500. 

We will be out west in October training in South Dakota running these dogs in the open prairies. Come visit us to see them in action or we can drop them off for you on our way back to Florida.  

Jones, photo taken 3-23-18
Ramsey, photo taken 3-23-18