Typical hunting for daily released birds consists of riding in a UTV and walking until one of the setters or pointers go on point. A Labrador Retriever or Cocker is used to flush and retrieve the birds, while the pointing dogs are steady to wing and shot. 

​Depending on the weather and time of year our hunts lasts for approximately 3-4 hours for 2 hunters and 4-5 hours for 3-4 hunters. 

We can take up to three hunters at a time on the mule.  A bird buggy is available for an additional two hunters or riders.   For safety reasons only two hunters are allowed to shoot at any one time.  Only 20 or 28 gauge shotguns are permitted and for safety reasons break barrels are preferred.  Automatic & pump shotguns must be plugged.  Hunter orange hats and vests are required for all hunters and non hunters.  You will be hunting over semi groomed or mowed quail fields.  Briar pants or chaps are strongly recommended, and if you don't have any we have some you can borrow.